Meet The Staff

The North Coast Jaw & Implant Center staff brings years of experience, professionalism, and expertise to our practice, which provides you with the very best treatment in a friendly and caring environment. Making your surgical experience as pleasant as possible is our first priority. The staff at North Coast Jaw & Implant Center believes it is a privilege to serve and care for the needs of our patients. We consider each staff member to be an essential piece to the optimal functioning of North Coast Jaw & Implant Center, and value who they are and what they bring to our practice.


The clinical staff at North Coast Jaw & Implant Center is comprised of LPNs, medical assistants and dental assistants. Their expertise prepares them to respond to medical problems, and they are trained to assist the doctors in all oral and maxillofacial procedures done in the office setting. They have had advanced training in anesthesia assisting, surgical assisting, office emergencies, OSHA compliance, and dental radiography. All clinical staff members are licensed by the state of Ohio as dental radiographers. All the clinical staff are CPR certified and the doctors along with CPR have certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).


The administrative staff at North Coast Jaw & Implant Center brings a wide variety of skills and abilities to assist you in your visit here. They are experienced in billing, coding procedures and insurance submission. Scheduling your appointment, explaining procedures, sharing information, assisting with insurance claims, and meeting patient needs are done by our friendly and helpful front staff. All administration staff members are certified in emergency basic life support, and are trained in OSHA compliance and office emergencies.